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Recommended Characters: 



- Dwarf, Human, Bobbit 

- Bobbit 

- Dwarf, Human, Elf 

Fuzzy, Elf 

Fuzzy, Bobbit name a few 



There is a hidden sex other than male or female, it's: other [type o] 
Now, on with the game... 

Gold Prophecy 

100 You'll learn of marks and playing cards and hidden holy shrines. 
200 Of marks there are but four— Fire, Force, Snake, King. 
300 Learn their use in Devil Guard or death you'll surely bring. 
400 Shrines there are but four to which you go and pray. 
500 Their uses are innumerable and clues throughout I say. 
600 Suits do number four, called Sol, Moons, Death, and Love. 
700 Unto the Monitors thou must go for guidance from above. 
800 Too aid thee in thy cryptic search, to dungeons thou must fare. 
900 There seek out the Lord of Time to help you if he cares. 

Bartender Tips 
Gold Tip 

7-9 Thank you kindly. 

10 Ambrosia, ever hear of it? 

20 Dawn, the city of myths and magic. 

30 The conjunction of the moons finds link. 

40 Nasty creatures, nasty dark, sure thee ready fore thee embark. 

50 None return, or so I'm told, from the pool dark and cold. 

60 Shrines of knowledge, shrines of strength, are all but lost into the brink. 

70 Fountains fair and fountains foul are all found in dungeons' bowel. 

80 Exodus: Ultima III. Which is next? Now could be. 

90 Seek ye out the Lord of Time and the one way is a sure find! 

Village Rumors & Misty Writings 

Cards are useful. 

The King favors a Mark. 

Seek ye the Mark of Kings. 

You need a Mark to pass. 

Marks gained in dungeons. 

Hot metal leaves a Mark. 

Marks are useful. 

A Mark helps invoke the Snake. 

Invoke the Silver Snake. 

Conjunctions of the moons find link. 

Only Exotics will protect you from great evil 
Circle of Light: <YELL> EVOCARE. 
Seek the Shrines of Truth. 
Seek ye the Dungeon of Fire. 
Beware the Fires of Hell. 
<PRAY> for the invocation. 
<PRAY> in the Circle of Light. 
Dawn lasts but a moment. 

<SEARCH> for Shrines. 
<SEARCH> for Cards. 
<DIG> carefully. 
<DIG> up Exotics. 
<DIG> on Islands. 
Baby Bob: Bring me bucks. 
Seek the Jester in Castle Fire. 
Jester says: West-8, South-35 

and await the Dawn. 
Lord of Time says: Love, Sol, 

Moons, Death. 
All else fails. 

Exodus is four as one. 
<INSERT> Cards into Exodus. 

Moon Doors: 

The Moon Doors take you to many places throughout Sorsaria. Each door has 3 
trajectories, or, takes you to 3 different places. When a Moon Door appears, note the 
positions of the 2 moons [2 #'s on the top of the screen] if you press space, these numbers 
will change 3 times, then the door will then disappear. Depending on the position of the 
2 moons, you will be transported to different areas: 

Conjunction From: To: 


North-East corner 

North-East corner 


North-East corner 

Island w/ dungeon 


North-East corner 

Three square area 


On island w/ dungeon. 

South coast 


On island w/ dungeon. 

Three square area 


On island w/ dungeon. 

Exodus' castle 


Three square area 

Devil Guard 


Three square area 

Dungeon of time 


Three square area 

North-East corner 


South coast 

Island w/ dungeon 


South coast 

Three square area 


South coast 

South coast 

4 4 

Three square area 

Three square area 


Three square area 

Exodus' castle 


Three square area 

Devil Guard 

5 7 

Exodus' castle 

Dungeon of Time 


Exodus' castle 

North-East corner 


Exodus' castle 

Island w/ dungeon 


Devil Guard 

Three square area 


Devil Guard 

South Coast 


Devil Guard 

Three square area 


Dungeon of Time 



Dungeon of Time 

Devil Guard 


Dungeon of Time 



To find the city of Dawn, stand on top of Lord British's castle, and move west-8 and 
then south-35 and press <space> until the two #'s on the top of the screen are both 0's. 
Then type E'nter. 

Ambrosia, the lost continent. Get a frigate, find the whirlpool. Run into it and wait a 
minute, it will say you died, but you don't! ! ! Be sure to take at least 4 key into ambrosia 
as the only way to get out is to capture a boat, and sail to a lock and unlock it. The 4 
shrines can be found in the land of ambrosia: strength in the south west; dexterity in the 
south-east; intelligence in the north-west; and wisdom in the north-east. When you are at 
the 4 shrines, be sure to type 'O'ther, then 'SEARCH' as you will find the cards of sol, 
moons, death, and love there. 

How to get a boat: When you see a pirate ship on the shore move up right next to it, if 
you can win the battle, the ship is yours! 

To get the marks of fire, force, snake, and king, go to the dungeon of fire it is 
surrounded on 3-sides by lava; to get there, go south-east along the coast from lord 
british's castle; the dungeon is hidden in a dark forest when you come across: there is hot 
spot on the wall. Who will touch? You have found 1 of the marks. 

Here is what each of the marks let you do: 

Mark of Kings 
Mark of Fire 
Mark of Snake 
Mark of Force 

Lets you gain more levels + h.p. 

Walk through lava without taking any damage. 

Lets you pass by the earth serpent. 

Walk through a force-field w/o taking any damage. 

Exotics: the weapons of ultimate good. The Exotic weapons can be found on one of the 
islands up near the city of fawn. Just get on one and type V [for other command] then 
'dig'. If it says 'not here!' move on to the next <square> or next island as the case may be. 
The Exotic armour can be found on one of the islands in the bay which is located south- 
west of where you are now... Repeat the above commands. 

Now, we suggest that you just run around and gain levels and go get your h.p. From lord 
british until you have a fair amount of hit points [I suggest about 6-10 thousand; I 
promise, you'll need it.] 

Once you have become familiar with Sorsaria, combat, fighting, and the like, 
remember: know thy enemy! ! Be sure to always talk to the people in towns as they tell 
you a lot. 

With exotic weapons and armour on all of your men, board your frigate and begin thy 
final quest. 

Sail up to the earth serpent that is blocking the entrance to the port and 'y'ell [what?] 
'evocare' you and your party will be transported on the other side of the snake. Now, 
move up to the castle and then exit your craft; 'e'nter 

Once inside the castle you should go straight up until you see a monster, from there go 
either left or right into the moving lava. [Note: do not go up to where you see a force field 
and a guard as that passage just loops around and comes back out at the entrance] 

As soon as you pass the lava you will be attacked by either: dragons or wyverns or 
griffon... Beware! These monsters can hurl a blast all the way across the arena!! 

After you dispose of them, go over and up a ways, you will encounter another group of 
dragons, after killing them, keep going north and you will encounter some balrons [or 
devils of some sort]. Kill these and continue north.. Have you noticed that there are 
explosions all around you? Watch out! They can hit you and do great damage! ! Also be 
aware: time cannot be stopped in the castle 

So do not bother using a powd or a altair spell as it will not work! ! ! 

The Quest: 

Now, keep going north, you should encounter another group of dragons anyway, kill 
these suckers and go east [if you went east from the monster at the entrance, go west]. 

You will see some writing on the wall below you: death [pay no heed]. 

Now, go straight up into the lava. You will soon see a rectangular object with many 
moving colors. That is exodus! Exodus is a machine! ! 

Before you step any closer, beware! The floors upon which he lies are alive and will 
attack you! There are 4 groups of them, you cannot see them so do this once in combat 

Move all of your players to this position: 
pi p2 p3 p4 

and wait. As soon as one of you gets hit, start attacking with your exotic weapons [you 
did remember to bring enough for all 4 of you didn't you?] 

After you kill all of the floors, move up to exodus, don't worry, he's only a machine and 
cannot attack you, yet. 

is four as 
is 1 

x x x x <- exodus you -> @ 

Move up to the top left hand corner of him/it and type: 'o'ther [it will say what 
command] type: 'insert' [did you bring the cards?] 

Then it will ask: 

s, m, 1, d ? 

type: L [for love] 

* * warning* 515 If you hit any other letter it will take away «all» of your h.p. repeat the 
above, but this time you need to move over 1 space to the right and then: 

type: S [for sol] 

again move over to the right 1 space and insert the card of. 

type: M [for moons] 
at last, one move more to the right and insert: 
type: D [for death to exodus] 

And so it came to pass that on this day, Exodus, hell-born incarnate of evil was 
vanquished from Sorsaria.